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Mutfwang Pledges ‘To Do Great Things In Unity, To Ensure That The Interest Of Plateau People Is Protected’

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August 8, 2023






Plateau State governor, Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang.

Plateau State governor, Caleb Mutfwang has taken to Twitter in explaining his thoughts on leadership, with specific attention to his home state

“Leadership is not merely a title, but a responsibility that demands action, resilience, and decisiveness.

In the case of Plateau State, we have exemplified these qualities through strong actions to address insecurity, the inclusive appointment of capable managing directors, advisers, commissioners, and dedicated efforts to alleviate the hardships faced by Plateau citizens. On this we are still working tirelessly to ensure that the interests of the people of Plateau State is protected.

We are calling on all of you, patriotic Plateau sons and daughters, to support this administration in every possible way. Together, in unity, we can do great things.”



Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang inaugurating the State Executive Council in Jos.

Governor Mutfwang has already inaugurated the Plateau State cabinet, an Exco that has already hit the ground running.

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