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Nigeria’s Police IG Idris And Medical Attention: Two Analysts Give Professional Advice On His Stutter


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May 18, 2018

Police boss, Ibrahim Idris became suddenly incoherent over a speech in Kano.

Nigerians at home and in the diaspora have been chuckling and expressing alarm at the trending video currently circulating over the social media in the last couple of days in which the Nigerian Inspector General of Police was seen incoherently stuttering and fumbling over a prepared speech he was giving in Kano.

The Police public relations dept released a tweet that unwittingly confirmed that what the public saw was genuine and not doctored, except that in their opinion, by releasing the intimidating educational credentials of the IGP, it may go to prove that the police boss was simply having a bad day out.

Medical experts insist that it goes far deeper than that.

First, a preamble : The difference between wellness and ill-health can be in a matter of seconds. Like a swinging pendulum.
There was once the case of a Nigerian we shall simply identify here as Mr. XYZ.
He had the rude health of a sailor and with the constitution of an ox. Strong, really strong.
One fateful afternoon at lunch, his coordination between hand, spoon and mouth failed but he had the presence of mind to call his doctor in a shaky voice before going blank.
As he quickly handed the phone to his wife at the instruction of the Doctor who sharply told the wife, “ma, from the sound of your husband’s voice, what I can assume is that he is experiencing a stroke. Please get up now and take him to the nearest clinic with a doctor physically present so that he can survive”.

That began an eleven month journey in and out of hospitals and he was lucky to have survived it but had become a changed man with a changed voice, changed physique and so on. Not many people had the same God ordained intervention when it happened.

Therefore back to the IGP stuttering despite his intimidating academic credentials, Princess Stella Lebi is a medical analyst who once served in the United States Army, working in medical laboratories doing examinations, analysis and reviews on medical files.
She had this to say :

“I have critically reviewed his (IGP’s) Kano snafu video. I took the time to review both the abridged version and the other one. Fortunately, they were side by side. I will safely guess the man had an Emerging HEALTH CRISIS. Even where he spoke extempore, you can see he was struggling to maintain a balance.
Was that a TIA? Am not his PCP so, I don’t have his health hx. But where there’s sudden confusion and speech difficulty, it’s an indication of a highly probable TIA aka TRANSIENT ISCHEMIA. It takes but a short time to go from supposedly good health to fighting to stay alive and well. I hope he goes off to London to take care of himself”.

Kemi Sisi Eko is another talented Nigerian medical analytical observer.

She says what happened to the IGP “strongly resembles the presentation of Epileptic Palilalia, which can be caused by intracerebral haemorrhage especially in the left frontal region, characterized by the continuous repetition of the same speech sequence for few minutes.

EEG recordings during NREM sleep and wakefulness can be undertaken to see if they may reveal recurrent and prolonged focal subclinical epileptiform paroxysms in the left mesial frontal region

Palilalia is a kind of motor perseveration involving speech, consisting in the continuous repetition of words or phrases, or both. Rarely it occurs in seizure disorders as ictal or post-ictal manifestation”.

It is often laughable when Nigerian politicians leave our hospitals in decrepit status and unending strikes then jet abroad for their medical upkeep at the summon of doctors overseas because they don’t want Nigerians at home to know how they are expending tax payers money abroad on medical tourism.

Safe journey! The labs that are in the backroom analysing their medical history are run by very many Nigerians forced to go abroad because health facilities and institutions in Nigeria are always grounded.
Too bad, their medical histories are not as hidden as they think.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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