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‘No Nigerian Should Be A Captive Anywhere In Nigeria’, Obi Celebrates The Release Of 287 Kaduna School Kids Released

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March 25, 2024





Shehu Sani tweets that “Female Students of Federal University Gusau released;

Sokoto Tsangaya Students released and Kaduna Kuriga Students freed;

Kudos to the NSA Nuhu Ribadu,CDS, IGP and the DSS. However, the security priority of the Government should be prevention of abduction”.

Peter Obi also tweets on the release of the 287 Kaduna school children:

“It is comforting to hear that 287 school children abducted in Kaduna have been released. It is hard to imagine the mental pain and trauma the children must have gone through in the hands of their abductors.

The report of their release is however reassuring to the nation and their parents. I thank the government , the security agencies, and all those who made immense efforts to see that our children are released from captivity and reunited with their families.

Efforts should also be made, not just to release many of our people in the different kidnappers’ dens across the country, but to end the scourge of insecurity completely.


We must ensure that every Nigerian is safe in Nigeria, by not giving terrorists any operating space in our nation. No Nigerian should ever be a captive or hostage anywhere in his fatherland.

I encourage every Nigerian, in the midst of these dark and fearful nights in our nation where danger seems to be lurking on every corner, to remain hopeful for the new dawn of a secure and safe nation – the New Nigeria which is POssible. -PO

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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