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August 6, 2018

Shehu Sani and President Buhari.

If ever you have read or been told a story in which someone played or acted the role of a traitor, the end for such a character usually is tragic. In my last vocation, the penalty for treachery and perfidy is execution by a firing squad.
History is replete with tales about traitors and how they ended their miserable lives with ignominy. The story of Judas Iscariot chronicled in the Holy Bible is a classic. If you are a Christian, you will recall that Judas betrayed his Master, Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of Silver. He was paid in full but not long after that he realised what wrong he had committed and went back with the intention of returning the money but was told that the deal had been very faithfully executed and could not be reversed. Rather than seeking genuine repentance, and completely distraught, Judas took his own life by hanging and the 30 pieces of Silver were found where he was found dangling with the noose around his neck. Judas did not spend even a cent from the blood money.
The name Judas immediately found accommodation in dictionaries meaning a betrayer. What Judas did has been repeated by people who ought to have known or read about it and its tragic consequences.

There is a self style “Jagoran Talakawa” meaning ” Leader of the masses ” in the Hausa language by name Shehu Sani who as it were is a Senator of the Federal Republic. This man is part of the political debris deposited along the coast of the Central Senatorial Zone of Kaduna State by the Buhari tsunami of 2015.
As a first time Senator, Shehu Sani has been a regular contributor to the political debates that have been carried out on the floor of the Red Chamber. For us in Kaduna State, he contributed immensely in frustrating the dubious US$ 350 million dollar loan which the dictator of Kaduna State was almost certain would be approved. The 3 Senators from Kaduna State, Senators Shehu Sani, Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi and Danjuma Tella La’ah did the State proud by working in concert to frustrate the loan.
Prior to this development, Senator Shehu Sani has been having running battles with the dictator on a number of contentious issues which informed his alleged suspension from the State Chapter of the APC. The rejection of the loan pitched the dictator against all the Senators from Kaduna State.
In a violent eruption reminiscent of a volcano, the dictator spewed very hot political magma as well as toxic fumes high into the air causing poor visibility and flight disruptions in nearby airports. He went on to publicly excoriate the Senators calling them names and unleashing his ever dwindling supporters to shave the Senators beard whenever they are seen in Kaduna.

Following from this madness, a deranged member of the House of Assembly placed a bounty of N 5 million naira for Shehu Sani’s Afro hair after he has been forcefully given a shave.

Senator Shehu Sani is supposedly a member of the group of Senators and some members of the House of Representatives who negotiated to decamp from the ruling APC. It is unclear if any member of the group suspected that there was a fifth columnist amongst them. If none of them did, it can be concluded that they failed to factor in the lessons of history and they almost paid dearly for it because the plan for decamping and date was leaked and it is alleged that Shehu Sani was the mole. The decampees still managed to beat the government to it as the date was brought backwards and the decampees scored a direct hit leaving the Police and possibly DSS operatives chasing shadows. Shehu Sani was not amongst the decampees after all he was to receive a warm embrace from the President when the remaining APC loyal Senators were invited to Aso Rock. It was also alleged that for playing the traitor, Shehu Sani received One hundred million naira, much in the style of Judas Iscariot the only difference being that Judas betrayed with a kiss and Shehu Sani if indeed he played that role did not have to kiss anybody . This allegation may well not be true after all because the press confronted the Senator with the story and his response was simply ” It is not true ” and the phone went dead.
During the visit to Aso Rock, the President was said to have raised Shehu Sani’s hand high into the air much in the same manner he foisted on the people of Kaduna the dictator. Whatever the import of the raising of Shehu Sani’s hand by the President, we in Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone are waiting to cut our pound of flesh.

If the treachery was meant to warm his way back to the APC from the suspension which like a shadow has been following our Man wherever he goes, the allegation if true has triggered a not too powerful local tsunami in Kaduna because the dictator who is still being haunted by the ghost of the $ 350 million USD loan saw a beautiful opportunity to settle the scores between him and the Senator once and for all. The dictator decreed that Shehu Sani must first publicly apologize to the people of Kaduna over the role he played with regard to frustrating its approval. The Senator has continued to say that his alleged suspension from the APC the latest of which was by his ward exco are all null and void. In yet another twist, the national Party headquarters of the APC has annulled Shehu Sani’s suspension. The dictator must be in a lacrimal movie for this new development which clearly puts Shehu Sani on higher grounds.

Whatever these seeming political somersaults will translate to remains to be seen. Something tells me that Shehu Sani is on a very slippery political slope because he appears uncertain of what to do between contesting for the governorship of the State and re-contesting the Senate seat. Whilst more adventurous candidates were either building their political structures or renovating the old ones, our Man has been undecided. Is it not true that procrastination is indeed the thief of time?

Written by Col. Dauda Gora (rtd) . The Kaduna State R-APC Party Chairman.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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