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Obaseki’s Ambitious Measures And The Dreams Of A People, Compels Nigerians To Demand, ‘End Paying For Darkness’

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November 15, 2020

By Greg Abolo
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Gov. Godwin Obaseki speaking.

A country yearns for good governance

At a time, Nigerians lost confidence in the ability of the nation’s leaders to make things happen for the good of the people. If anything, Senator Abbo of Adamawa state said in utter exasperation that ‘Nigeria is not working’.

Take for instance the parlous state of electricity supply for a country of over 180 million people sharing electricity that would be grossly inadequate for the City of New York City alone in all of 60 years going, yet year in year out leaders come and go but none of them tries to increase electricity generation for a massively growing population.

Or the scenario of a major crude oil producer, yet has no ability to refine it’s own petroleum needs, importing everything despite its huge human resources and highly educated workforce leading to the belief that the nation is perhaps jinxed.

Then Obaseki happened as governor of the least financially endowed Niger Delta state. Utilizing brilliance in human, managerial and financial skills, the Edo State governor has been able to build a functional Power Project for the state in less than four years of being in office. Leading to his swearing in for a second term in office, the entire Ogbemudia Stadium area, venue of the swearing in ceremony and vast swathes of the city now utilizes electricity produced by his state on a 24/7 basis without fail.

Obaseki and the engineering team at the CCETC-Ossiomo Power Plant. Now functional.
CCETC-OSSIOMO: Power plant, set to open Edo power sector to competition

Yet again, his Refinery is fast gaining traction towards the commencement of production to beat the petrol scarcity problem in the country leading to reduction in imports and putting refining jobs in the capable hands of Edo citizens. Therefore rather than emigrating out of Nigeria in search of greener pastures, those abroad are lacing their shoes for a homeward bound journey to invest and join in growing the state economy.

Edo State modular refinery.

Beyond that are Obaseki’s strides in agriculture and many other sectors of the economy.

All these are happening because a leader with massive dreams, patriotism and commitment happened in just one out of 36 states of the federation.

Now Nigerians believe that the greatest backwards step any nation can take is to put mediocres in office who go on to entrench mediocrity as a lifestyle that stifles a nation, leading to cries to an end to SARS, whatever that one connotes.

Nigerians are now resolute in pursuit of good governance and an end to paying for darkness now they know that a part of Benin City can have electricity, 24/7 just because an Obaseki happened. Therefore the possibilities of change have become limitless.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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