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Parisiéns Take To Cycling For Leisure And Work, As Lockdown Is Lifted

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May 29, 2020

Cycling in Paris against the bedrock of the metro, consider not a particularly good idea for now

With the devastating impact and experience of people dying in large numbers in France during the Coronavirus high peak times in Europe, the psyche of French citizens is conditioned to obey social distancing rules most rigorously.

One of the ways they express this is by avoiding public transportation. Buses are not so expansive in width and length enough as to make sufficient room for social distancing. A commuter might cough, sneeze or show one of the other symptoms that spread cold. As a result of this therefore, many people try to minimize the health risks.

So they cycle to work or pleasure spots. The advantages are enormous. After the two month lockdown, many people have suddenly ballooned in shape and size. Obesity is becoming a health concern.

Therefore what better way is there to burn fat and exercise than cycling?

In France, bicycles are fast disappearing out of shops that sell them for bicycle merchants are not stocking up fast enough. French traders mostly import bicycles from Asia. Both the supply chain as well as production have not kept pace with the unprecedented surge in demand.


Many residents of Paris say that “with Coronavirus, the metro doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore”.

President Emmanuel Macron of France is making moves to create additional lanes for pedestrians, as well as increasing bicycle lanes on roads where there wasn’t previously.

Another added aspect is that cycling reduces cars on roads, thereby reducing fossil fuels emissions that cause pollution. This is more significant, as Coronavirus is a huge threat to the lungs.

When France watchers notice the incentives given to Renault to subsidize and increase production of emission free electric cars, health concern is on his mind.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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