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Peter Obi’s Talks Go Beyond Rehashing Problems. He Proffers Solutions, Like Prudence In Governance As Well

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August 24, 2022



Peter Obi, receiving vital explanations on Power solutions in Egypt.

By Yinka Festus

It gets confusing each time some folks say, ‘Peter Obi is only talking about the problems and not the solutions’.

Is it that they are not listening to the man at all or they are not listening attentively, due to bias or outright mischief making, by telling lies to score cheap points ?

Obi’s philosophies and ideologies have never been hidden because he always talks about them.

For example, he talks about Nigeria’s crumbling economy and it’s perennial budget deficits and he has always been clear about PRUDENCE, being a key factor to solving such problems.

Surely practically everyone who listens to tapes on Obi talking, must have heard about his enunciations on prudence in governance as a key to turning things around.

He talks about how our culture of waste is killing our economy persistently, about how he used prudence to manage Anambra state such that he was able to win the award of “The least indebted state” from the Debt Management office and left N75 billion for his successor…something no governor has ever done in Nigeria.

He talks about the crash of the Nigerian currency, the naira and how it was due to the fact that we consume more than we produce. He was the one who invented the “CONSUMPTION TO PRODUCTION” mantra as the way out.

Can you say that you’ve never heard Obi saying something about Consumption to Production before?

Oh come on!

Even if you are a hard hitting critic of Peter Obi, surely you must have heard him talk about how the north with its vast land and human resources can be our agricultural hub.

This is what he talks about whenever he is talking about The Netherlands making $100 billion from agricultural exports…the problem is you’ll be more keen about the 100 billion dollars figures so you can Google and fact check him than hear his agriculture and northern talk…lol

He talks about industrialization and SME’s. He talks about education and health. He talks about creating jobs by massive agriculture and industrialization..he talks about how reducing unemployment figures can reduce insecurity by nearly 50% making it easier for security agencies to deal with the remnants.

He talks about how he will address genuine agitation by dialogue while the recalcitrant criminal elements will be dealt with decisively.

While we await his manifestos and policy documents during campaigns, please note that Obi has been talking about solutions to our problems. Kindly do not only listen to pick figures that you can type on Google to factcheck and bring here to call him a liar.

You’ll rather pick the $100 billion of his Netherlands agriculture talks for factchecking than hear the part he says northern Nigeria has the capacity to do same and much more. You are the one not listening.

Written by Yinka Festus.
A social media commentator.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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