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Reinventing The Idea Of A Presidential Yacht Tossed Decades Ago By Decommissioned Warships Donors To Us

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November 10, 2023



Naval Yacht in the US that was sold off by President Carter in 1977.

Kalu Aja tweets that “President Tinubu has signed the 2023 Supplementary budget to buy a Presidential Yacht”.

The yacht is imported, so the cost is in US dollars, not the Nigerian currency, the Naira.

The budget is deficit-funded thus Nigeria is borrowing dollars to import a foreign yacht that will add NOTHING to GDP or economic productivity.

Is the problem revenue yielding or wasteful spending?”

The USA has it’s own unique history with owning a Yacht. It used to have a presidential yacht called the “USS Sequoia”.

USS Sequoia is the former presidential yacht used during the administrations of Herbert Hoover through Jimmy Carter.


Setting a cost-cutting example, Carter ordered her sold in 1977.

USS Sequoia that was launched on 27 October, 1925 (Wikipedia) is a yacht that served eight US presidents, the last being Hebert Hoover.

Jimmy Carter became president when the US economy had just exited a recession and was battling “stagflation (inflation and unemployment)”.

Jimmy Carter, setting a cost-cutting example, ordered the presidential yacht sold in 1977.

Till date, the USA, a $33 Trillion dollar economy does not have a presidential yacht.

Nigeria is in the same situation as the USA was in 1977. Rather than cut costs, our public office holders have gone on a spending spree with reckless abandon, as though “it’s going out of fashion”.

You ask Nigerians to endure pain, but what pain are you enduring ?. Whether it will be funded or not, why is a presidential yacht in a supplementary budget ?

The truth about presidential yachts and Nigerian presidents: Ex-Presidential Spokesman Ima Niboro

Ima Niboro, a former presidential spokesman, has dismissed what he labelled as a rehashed 2010 report detailing how former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, rejected a presidential yacht from the navy, and directed them to use the funds to refurbish their aging fleet.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Niboro pointed out that this was a news report published in 2010 by a Nigerian newspaper, Daily Trust, and asked why it’s been dredged up so many years after, and being angled as a comparison between Jonathan and President Bola Tinubu.

Niboro stated that the issue came up under President Olusegun Obasanjo, who rejected it and reportedly directed the navy to convert it to a special purpose gunboat.

Niboro said that under Jonathan, the issue came up again, and the president rejected it, directing the navy to seek a virement from the National Assembly and use the N3.3 billion budget to rebuild its fleet.

Niboro said there was no basis for comparison between Tinubu and Jonathan on this issue because both men, like Obasanjo before them, rejected the presidential yacht.

“I think it is time to ask the people at the navy to desist from this issue of presidential yacht which somehow has come up to embarrass successive presidents.

Yesterday it was Jonathan, and I recall how much effort we had to put in to distance the president from it 13 years ago.

Today, the president’s media team is once again working frantically to distance the current president from it. Someone at the navy needs to take a look at this issue of Presidential Yachts that no president wants, but which rears up to embarrass successive administrations,” Niboro said. (The Guardian: Text, Excluding Headline)

Are we reinventing a bad idea tossed decades ago by people who’re even donating warships to us ?

That’s a question waiting for an answer.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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