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Mourning Bogobiri : Bishop Kukah’s Oration That Tore The Heart of Disastrous Governance


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March 16, 2018

By Gora Dauda
Bishop Joseph Bagobiri

I am aware that the Emperor of Kaduna could not muster the courage to attend the burial of the late Bishop of the people, Bishop Bagobiri in Kafanchan on March 15, 2018 and I’m equally aware that the deputy Emperor did attend.

I am just wondering where the deputy Emperor had his thoughts/focused on as Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah delivered his oration. Surely there is no other way for the disaster of governance in Kaduna State to have been so beautifully captured.
Bishop Kukah did what priests all over the world are well known to have done, specifically in areas where injustice, religious persecution and bigotry have been manifest. I request that the deputy Emperor should, if he can, muster the courage and liver to pass on the audio of Bishop Kukah’s message at the burial to the dictator himself. Let him find some quiet place/time and listen to the audio.

Doing so will be to him like taking a good look at himself before a huge mirror. He would then come to the realization of the fact that he is unfit to herd cows not to talk of providing leadership to the decent and free people of Kaduna State.

Written by Gora Dauda from Kaduna, north west Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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