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Roads Infrastructure In Nigeria: What Manner Of Engineering Informs Planning, That They Get Flooded Whenever It Rains?

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August 2, 2021

Bauchi – Gombe road. Photo: Dr. Aliyu Tilde.

One would have thought that the coming of the rains ought to be a blessing to northern Nigerians whose region is legendary for dryness, heat and a shortage of food.

Rainfall in northern Nigeria usually lasts for three months, between June to early September. Since the region is a grains growing region that takes three months from planting to harvesting cycle, farmers would have completed the farming cycle before the rains stop.

Rather than be joyous over the onset of rains to herald the food season, trepidations fill the heart as the rains come with flooding. Many homes would be swept away, human beings would be found dead because flood swept them away or their conserved foodstuff would have gone with the swift current.

A few days ago, governor of islamist insurgency ravaged Borno State in the North East, Prof. Zulum was observed distributing some palliatives to flood devastated communities.

Dr Aliyu Tilde, believed to be a top government official in Bauchi state, North East was travelling on the Bauchi – Gombe Highway. At Bara, he observed swimming toads on the road.

The road constructed with millions of naira in cost was flooded. The entire stretch lacked one basic ingredient: Drainage facilities were not incorporated into the road design. Typically tells much about the kind of engineers the nation produces and the quality of oversight they have over constructions.

Social media commentator, Babagana Mohammed Alkali exclaimed thus:

“I don’t know what is happening with our road engineering, almost all the roads are flooded whenever it rains. Sickening”.

Lawan Yunus says he knows the road well, and “for the past 20 years it has always been like this whenever it rains”.

It is a matter for reproach that at the time the then government of General Ibrahim Babangida constructed the Lagos Third Mainland Bridge about 30 years ago, the Chinese were yet to see a modern bridge within their closed sub continent in the 80s.

China revved up it’s learning and training, such that thirty years after, they are building Africa and lending Africa huge amounts of money that may enslave generations yet unborn in massive debts.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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