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Sacrifices Of The Nigerian Youth And Their Inclusion for Sustainable Development


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August 14, 2018

Youth in Nigeria, make lots of sacrifices which far outweigh what they get in return.
Take for example the military and other sister security agencies, the men in the fields staking their lives and sweating it out are over 80% youth at ages not above 45, but compare those who are the decision makers, those who instigate wars either directly or indirectly, they are mostly from ages 55, 60 and above and probing further, their kids are living far away in other countries getting the best of education and opportunities.

Going further, most middle class public servants have youth doing the creative and innovative work under the suffocating working environment of some corrupt few elitist executives. It is even more interesting to say here that some of these corrupt executives are the very same that teach some of these youth the sophistication in our corrupt public service, politics and governance as well as sowing the embers of tribal and religious differences.

It will also not be fair to ignore the fact that amongst all these, there are some corrupt youth who are into drugs, advance fee fraud (419) and ‘yahoo’, as well there are some respected elders that have paid their dues. They have left their footprints on the sands of time as credible and accountable administrators, politicians, business men, and diplomats driven by love for country as well the desire for a sustainable and prosperous Nigeria but are hardly heard of or spoken about.

The meeting point here is, for us to achieve our desired dreams of a prosperous nation, there must be a deliberate effort to have a body of great minds poised to salvage Nigeria from the ills that are currently bedeviling the nation. This body should be one devoid of tribal or religious sentiments, one that puts love for country as top most, one that celebrates professionalism and expertise against mediocrity and sectionalism.
And most importantly, it should a body that utilizes the skills, innovativeness of the Nigeria youth effectively for our common good.
This group of progressives should be a people leveraging on the strength of the youth while tapping from the wisdom of our elders. The combination of both the strength and wise counsel of the youth and the elderly is the next line of action that will salvage this country.

Nigeria needs as a deliberate approach to practice a system of youth inclusiveness from the top decision making to the bottom ladder, either in government or private institutions so as to achieve sustainable development.

Written by Machief Ayuba Mallo.

He is a Public Affairs Commentator.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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