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Senate 2019: Kaduna Igbos Pledge Their Votes For PRP, Sen. Shehu Sani

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January 6, 2019

Senator Shehu Sani
By John Femi Adi, Kaduna

A Kaduna Igbo group under the aegis of Igbo Youths’ Peace and Unity Initiative, Kaduna State have promised to cast their votes for Senator Shehu Sani of the People’s Redemption Party, (PRP) during the forthcoming 2019 general election.

According to the group, Senator Shehu Sani has demonstrated a high sense and knowledge about what lawmaking is all about and that is one of the reasons we agreed to return him back to continue the good work of lawmaking in the upper legislative house .

In his welcome address, the leader of the Igbo group, Pastor Anthony Akwusiobi said the decision of the Igbos to vote for Senator Shehu Sani come February 16, 2019 was based on his track record at the National Assembly and his selfless services to humanity.

Akwusiobi said the group of Igbos, which cuts across the seven local government areas that make up Kaduna Central Senatorial District has taken time to monitor the activities of Senator Shehu Sani at the senate over the past three year and discovered that the lawmaker is one of the best amongst his colleagues.

While acknowledging Senator Sani’s loud voice and quality representation to the people of Kaduna at the Senate, he said,” We have also monitored your selfless services to the less privileged, the orphans, widows and the destitute. We know how many a times you have gone to prison to release the weak that the present government has jailed. We want to assure you that the time has come for us to stand by you.

“We are ready, and the Angels of God who have taken notice of all the good things you have done for humanity will not abandon you at this moment. We have taken three local government areas, Igabi, Kajuru and Chikun, every soul here is capable of 50 more votes to his or herself. We will spread the gospel across the local government areas until we conquer.”

Addressing the Igbo Youths’ Peace and Unity Initiative at the Van-O Event Center, Kaduna, in North West Nigeria, Senator Sani told the mammoth crowd who declared support for him that Nigeria and Kaduna state is currently sick and need people that will rescue it from the evil the current ruling party has caused the nation.

Senator Sani who appreciated the crowd said he was highly encouraged by the spirit, the faith and the Igbo Youth decision to support his campaign and bid for re-election as a senator to represent Kaduna Central, adding; “We must not deceive ourselves.

” We must tell ourselves the truth, the nation is sick, the state is sick. Nigerians expected a better deal than what we are having today. People who begged you three and half years ago to vote for them have turned themselves to demigods. Oppressing the poor, retrenching the poor, marginalising the poor and unleashing evil against the poor.

“We have seen how poverty has ravaged the lives of Nigerians in the last three and half years, we have seen the killings, the level of bloodshed and violence, we have seen the division, the hopelessness, we have seen how a governor of a state has sacked thousands of people out of their work.

“How on earth do we give another opportunity to a man who has no human face, who has no human heart. They want the seat of Shehu Sani in order to continue to enslave you. We are moving out of Egypt. Those people in power in Kaduna state represent the wall of Jericho that has to be pulled down.

“I’m here seeking for your votes, support and prayers that we must not allow any stooge to take over the Kaduna Central senatorial seat. If the governor of this state wants to compensate his acolyte, he should find a job for him but not the Kaduna Central Senatorial seat. Kaduna Central seat is not for sale, not for a running dog, not for a puppy, not for a puppet, and it is not for a hand bag boy. When you re-elect us into office, you are re-electing politics of principle, courage, bravery and value. You should not elect people who will go and do the bidding of their godfathers. Elect people who will do the bidding of the poor, the downtrodden, the traders, the artisan, the mechanic, civil servants and the beggars in the street.

“You have a date with history on the 16th of February, 2019 to show these people out of power. It is unfortunate that our country, a very blessed one but the leaders have identified with negative activities and evil actions. From the killings in Zamfara to Birnin Gwari, the killings in the Northeast part of Nigeria and north central, of herdsmen. We have a duty to send a clear message to the leadership of the country that we can show you the way out just as the previous government was shown the way out of power.

“Why they want Shehu Sani out is because they want to replace him with their puppy. The one that will go there and be hunting money for them. One that will help them to steal, the one that will help them to put World Bank Debt on all of you. Since they could not get me to sign the $350m loan, so they want somebody who can go and sign and bring it to them. Nowadays, they go about removing our posters and billboards, but if they are popular why are they doing what they are doing?

“I am calling on you to know that it is not just your vote that is needed but also you must be the campaign agent of this movement. This is not a campaign team but a movement to deliver our people out of the hands of Pharaoh. I will use this opportunity to appeal to each and every one of us, please when you leave this forum, make sure you use your handset to reach out to every one of us, reach out to the people from all the seven local government areas in the central zone and tell them that this is the way to go. Don’t allow them to come back to power. In the last three and half years, I have been able to defend and protect your interest as a people. I stood by you in your moment of needs. I fought for you in your moment of need, I spoke for you in your moment of need. It is time for you to speak for me.

“In my concluding part, I am so happy, so highly impressed when I saw all of you raising your PVC. PVC is the power, it is the strength, the quit notice, it is the ticket and the compass, so let us all be ready on the 16th February, 2019 to show them the way out.
I thank the organisers, you have done a very good job. Continue the good thing you have started. I picked one of you as my Campaign Director. My decision is symbolic and a message to every one of us that we can only be as one country if we can treat every one of us with justice, equity and with the spirit of oneness. I stood for you at your time of need, now it is your turn to stand for me.”

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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