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The Extreme Goodluck Buhari Has That Jonathan Only Drooled About, In The Award Winning Cartoons Of Mike Asuquo

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November 23, 2021

This is a very deep cartoon, that ace cartoonist Mike Asuquo prayed fervently while drawing over. He prayed that God should not let this visual vision come to pass…
This poignant cartoon speaks to the security issues that have bedeviled the Nigerian nation. Imaging the border porosity, fuelled by Nigerians themselves.

By Greg Abolo
Mike Asuquo

When President Goodluck Jonathan was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, many of the citizens of the country dragged him dirty on this street. He simply had no breathing space over the daunting challenges of insecurity that ravaged the poorest region of the country which is the North east that has abundant natural and human resources that it’s leaders had no intellect or capacity to harness.

Nigeria as a federation seemed ‘united’ in calling the then president out over challenges that ought to have been sorted out locally in the face of abdication of personal responsibility by parents in the region who refuse to raise their children and allowed the street to do it for them.


Their own children turned their guns on society and destabilized not only their region, but threatened the entire country.

On the Chibok school kidnap episode, many did not even remember that there was an elected governor in Borno. It was Ebele Jonathan “we called to ‘bring back our girls’ “. That time opinion leaders all agreed, that “fish rots from the head”. They also agreed that ‘the buck stops at the president’s table’.

Today there is a new sheriff in town !

How come that Nigerians now philosophize that the security challenges have been on for a long time and therefore no leader ought to be called out ?

We bring to our loyal readers, some of the award winning cartoons of the ace cartoonist, Mike Asuquo.

While Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was Nigeria’s president up till 2015, the US president happened to be Barack Obama, a university professor. He also had the distinction of being the first black man, an African-American to attain that seat.


Anyone would so easily have thought that Black history ‘of Renaissance’ would have enacted itself.


Rather, negativity reigned, and is Obama proud of it in his retirement ?


 Obama was supercilious, unhelpful and a real pain in the neck who simply detested Jonathan. He frustrated every attempt by Jonathan to purchase arms on all sides to make the war on terror crumble, so that the Nigerian president would lose his reelection bid.

The humiliation got so bad that the US Secretary of State flew into Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, then insisted that both presidential candidates ( President Jonathan and General Muhammadu Buhari come to see him in Lagos, because he didn’t want to go to Abuja. 


Yet, soon afterwards, that same Secretary of State flew to the seat of the caliphate in the northern city of Sokoto, just to watch horses in a durbar.


The attitude of then President Obama was designed to indicate what looked like hatred.


Well, Jonathan lost and he left peacefully. 


It still remains a wonder if Obama would consider his diplomacy a success in Nigeria, currently under the vice grip of terrorists.

(NB: We duly applied for permission from him before publishing his cartoons here).

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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