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The Loaded, Star Studded Christmas Concert Led By Sinach That Would Do Without Sammie Okposo

The Oasis Reporters

November 25, 2022





Dateline November 17.

Sammie Okposo @sammieokposo, a multiple award winning artiste, United Nations Youth Ambassador, music and video maestro flew a kite that excited gospel music lovers nationwide.





The flier, organized to glorify Jesus was billed to feature Sinach, a leading Nigerian Gospel singer known and celebrated internationally, and her “Friends, Live in Concert” for December 11, 2022 at
Expo Hall, Eko Hotel at 3.00pm.

Ticket purchase details had already come out.

The friends of Sinach billed to be in the frontline for the event included Gospel Singer, Sammie Okposo himself.

And just 16 days to the event, the 51 year old sang his final song, slumped on Friday morning, and the media said he had died.




On December 25, 2018, The Oasis Reporters celebrated the maestro as his ‘Oluwa Etobi’ climbed to the top of the charts with considerable airtime all over Yoruba land in Nigeria’s South West.



Isoko, Delta State born Sammie Okposo was the CEO of Zamar Entertainment and collaborated with many gospel artists.

His most recent album, The Statement was produced by a Grammy Award winner, Kevin Bond.

Sammie Okposo was a versatile performer in all genres of music, both in his Isoko tribal dialect, many Nigerian languages and he could perform in international languages as well.

Sinach would have to make do with other superstars for the event. It is certain that they would bid him farewell in the inimitable way of passionate singers.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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