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Travails Of A Distressed Country On The Road Leading Nowhere

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July 11, 2021

A farmer’s corn field, destroyed.

By Col. Gora Albehu Dauda (rtd)


Power without responsibility is the province of harlots” – Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), Great Britain’s Second World War Prime Minister could not have summed it better than in the quotation above.

Of course Churchill was a serious and no nonsense leader which informed the eventual triumph of the Allied forces during the war 1940-1945.

There is no nation where political power has been so mismanaged as in the contraption called Nigeria. This is a country where charlatans have bestrode the political space whilst we petty men and women walk under their huge limbs to our graves.

Only a complete idiot will argue that all roads in this contraption lead anywhere else, aside the cemetery. Let it be said as it truly is, our parents and uncles left their farms to answer Gen Yakubu Gowon’s call of, “To Keep Nigeria One is a Task that must be done” of the Nigeria Civil War era.

That task was successfully accomplished on terms favourable to Nigeria but they that sweated, toiled, bled as well as those who paid the ultimate price have nothing by way of the spoils of any kind to show for their sacrifices. It is akin to a hunting dog killing a game only for the hunter to take away the whole stuff without even a portion for the dog.

No, they did not because the feudal empire took everything, including the victory for themselves. It was blind patriotism that drove them into it now, many years after they now know the truth. It is now “To Thy Tents, oh Israel”.

The Feudal empire has over the years failed abysmally to grow Nigeria into a nation since then The truth has now come to light with the ascendency of the current regime which has left nobody in doubt as to the desire of the Fulani to colonize Nigeria, permanently. It does amount to an overkill to reference Nigeria as a Nation because she has fallen far short of the standards to be deserving of such a reference.

Nigeria is full of paradoxes in more than one way. In 1953, there was the Kano riots which essentially was against the call for early independence for Nigeria by 1956. The Feudal elements preferred to remain under the chains of colonialism. The compromise was self rule, today though, the same bunch are vehemently against Restructuring this seemingly unworkable federalism.

The feudal empire in the North of this country is driven by the desire to foist the Fulani on all of us and will not settle for anything less than a complete takeover of the country. We took the current leadership for granted which is why we are paying this heavy price. Had Nigerians insisted on interrogating him who later became president before the vote, they would have known that he was completely empty of ideas or substance he would employ to move this stranded country forward.

It is such a shame that the president relishes juncketing in and out of the country as a medical tourist, whilst paying practically no attention to improving the conditions of our medical facilities here in Nigeria. His specialty has been seeking and obtaining foreign loans to be squandered on trivialities. The same objectives for which Boko Haram came into being are now almost completely achieved as many of our kids can no longer go to school for fear of kidnapping gangs who it appears are in competition to outperform the other.

It is sickening that within the territory of Nigeria terrorists will drive into School Boarding houses to load our kids in vehicles and drive away unchallenged. As this post is being read the authorities are mute about it.

Where could the kidnappers have driven as many as 150 students to, within Kaduna State in the case of students of the Baptist High School?

If it is true that the kidnappers asked for rice to feed the hostages, nothing can be more ridiculous. Words have dried up from the tongue of the former talkative dictator of the State. Surely, he must be tired of sending drab condolences through the conveyor belt which his Commissioner for Internal Security and Homeland Affairs represents. The Commissioner has ridiculed himself enough and if he has a mind of his own under the current circumstances, he should be considering throwing in the towel to save himself from further punishment as Boxing referees often say after stopping a bout.

The creation of the Ministry of Internal Security and Homeland Affairs is one of the most ridiculous decisions the dictator of Kaduna State has ever taken. Why he had to do it has left many questions unanswered. The dictator is now clearly bereft of ideas about security as Kaduna is the most insecure State anyone will wish to live in.

Since Samuel Aruwan as Commissioner has failed to deliver on the mandate of securing our people and if he must continue to be a part of the dictatorship, I suggest his appointment be reverted to that of Information where he can tell all the lies he has been used to telling.

The speed at which Nigeria or what is left of her has gone down the valley is unfathomable since Buhari became president. As his Katsina State and many northern folks have been saying, he got power but does not know how to deploy it. Not only that the country is in the valley, even down there it has become a deranged contraption at war with herself.

Buhari clearly has no ideas about nation building because all that evidently occupies his mind is how to impose his tribesmen on the rest of us. When a people undertake a journey, it should lead them to a destination but Nigeria has no such destination either in sight or on its mind. The only possible direction is where death is waiting.

How can someone including the lying guru, Lai Mohammed attempt to explain why over 9 innocent sleeping villagers in Warkan of Gora District deserve to be burnt alive in the dead of night in their sleep by who else aside the Fulani terrorist jihadists imported to change the demographics of the population and to create hell here on Earth for our people?

There is also trending on Social Media the picture of a forlorn lady on her farmland with her hands folded looking at what the Fulani did to the crops she planted. The maize crop was cut down and destroyed. The caption under the picture read ” What have I done to deserve my farm being destroyed in this manner “?

This is a case of double tragedy. First our people are not safe in their homes, farms or anywhere else. The Fulani are not only killing but are also destroying crops and burning down homes if this is not genocide for God’s sake what will a sane leadership call it? The lying guru has been struggling to argue the case that Nigeria is not a failed state but from what he has had to say, it is clear he does not understand what a FAILED State means.

Let me enquire of the lying Guru what the principal responsibility of government is according to the 1999 Constitution as amended? If a Government cannot secure the population and provide welfare for them, what is the use of such a government?

The current leadership remains the most existential threat to Nigeria not either Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or Sunday Igboho. It is for obvious reasons that these individuals are into the pursuit of what they truly believe to be right for their people. There is death everywhere in the land but should the killings in Warkan and elsewhere mostly in Kaduna State not be deserving of the government’s attention?

It is only when Fulani interests are threatened that what is left of the federal might is quickly unleashed against those accused of being responsible. They can arrest and incarcerate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they can organize raids to either eliminate or arrest Sunday Igboho but they cannot extinguish the desire in their people to live in freedom and to determine their destinies.

As president of the Republic, how can Buhari explain away the genocide that has been ongoing all over Nigeria but particularly in Kaduna, Niger, Zamfara, Katsina and now Kebbi States? That the bulk of our military is bogged down in the Northeast it appears has been designed to facilitate the Fulani takeover behind the lines.

As things now stand, many villages in Chukun and Kajuru LGA of Kaduna State have been abandoned completely or have been taken over by the Fulani terrorists jihadists. Just a few days back, the Member representing the 2 LGAs in the NASS was quoted to have advised that the Government should arm the population so they can defend themselves.

Whilst the suggestion appears on the face of it to make some sense, I thought that Hon Yakubu Umaru Barde was simply playing to the gallery. Barde should have prepared a bill and presented same, to the House to be debated upon. In any case, Barde had to be seen and heard to be saying something to remain politically relevant as 2023 approaches for this is an individual who has been a Member of the House for over 14 years consistently and has had nothing to showcase to the constituency he has thus far been pretending to represent.

Such is the nature of leadership in today’s Nigeria. The NASS, State Assemblies, Local Councils as well as the Presidency are all the provinces of HARLOTS. The SHAME Nigeria now represents is beyond imagination.

May the soul of Sir Winston Churchill continue to rest in peace.

Written by Col. Gora Albehu Dauda (rtd) from Kaduna, North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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