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‘True Plight, Role And Prospects Of The Nigerian Youth Today’ – Adamu Barde Abubakar

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August 07, 2017

Adamu Barde Abubakar, speaking at the event.

The plight, prospects and role of the youths in Nigeria has been ex-rayed at the launching of “Grassroots Empowerment Programme” in Kaduna by Adamu Barde Abubakar on August 5th 2017.

In his Address titled ‘The Youths Of Kaduna’, Mr. Abubakar said the role of youths in society is “important, prime and strategic”.

The text of his address was delivered to and is published here :


The President/founder/CEO Grassroot Empowerment Program,

The six Geo-political coordinators,

The 36 State coordinators,

The LGA’s coordinator,

Members of GEP,

Other Special Guests,

Distinguished Visitors,

Gentlemen of the Press,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is with great sense of humility and respect that I stand before you today to say a word or two about the youths of Kaduna state, on this auspicious and memorable occasion of launching Grassroot Empowerment Programme Kaduna State chapter.

Right from time immemorial, the place and role of the youths; in every society and in every stage of human existence or human development, is important, prime and strategic. Even in our contemporary African societies, Third World, underdeveloped and/or developing societies, the place and role of the youths still remains the same like that of yester years.

That’s why for quite some time now all the three tiers of Government in Nigeria have been harping on the positive and indispensable place and role of the youths in the nation’s development. With all declarations, proclamations, pronouncements, policies, programmes and actions for the youths or on youths development; by successive governments in Nigeria, what’s the true situation, the true plight, the role and prospects of the Nigerian youths of today?

We are very thankful and profoundly grateful to all those that agitated for the creation of Grassroot Empowerment Programme and all those that worked for or actually helped and contributed and brought about this gigantic project. We are full of gratitude.

The youths of Kaduna state, are full of energy with great and lot of potentialities, youths that are forward – looking, progressive and quite ambitious. Our youths are also aspiring, aiming high and working hard for success. And we are actually very enterprising. In short, the youths of Kaduna state are an exemplary lot that can be found anywhere in the world.
They are accommodating, the friendly, peaceful and intellectually oriented . That is the nature of the entire youths of Kaduna State.

However, I must categorically state and emphasize the fact that, the youths of Kaduna state; like many other youths in so many other places, are also similarly faced with some challenges, problems and hard realities of today. We have our little share of idle, indigent and unemployed or underemployed youths, who are lagging behind, but who are; honestly speaking, gradually picking up their broken pieces. In spite of all these, however I must state the fact that it is not in the character of the youths of Kaduna state to manifest the despicable habit of thuggery, though occasionally, one can find a very few incidences of acts of misconducts by some miscreants, but broadly speaking, phenomenon of political thuggery, violence, banditry or wanton destruction is not In the whole of Kaduna state; I am very proud to say this, we don’t have any “used and dumped” youths.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe this is where any discussion or action on the youths of Kaduna state must be focused on, the issue of integrating the youths in the state for a better tomorrow, greater future, optimum performance, more productivity and enhanced standards of living. Our weak and less privileged youths need more support, assistance, understanding and encouragement.

Our youths are not benefiting much from the activities of philanthropic organizations. We still need so much local/indigenous philanthropy to cater for some of the myriad of demands and problems of our youths.
We need refresher/remedial courses, Self- Education Fund/ Foundations, Entrepreneurial/ Skills Acquisition Projects and a host of the public – spirited Community or Human Development Initiatives, specially targeted at the youths.

Kaduna State youths, need and deserve much more from our elite. The elite should kindly fashion out and come up with some innovative, intensive and accelerated ways, mechanisms to fast – track the development of the youths.
Lest we forget, we the youths of today are not as lucky and opportuned as our elders and parents have been in life.
We are being faced by so many temptations, which were not there before or during their time.
Our dilemma and predicament should always be taken into consideration when dealing with us, when judging us or when treating us or any of our (youths) issues.

I must; on behalf of our youths, thank the founder, organizers and anyone who contributed towards the success of this event.

Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot end this speech without extending our words of thanks and praises as well as the deep appreciation of the entire youths of Kaduna State to our past heroes. We sincerely appreciate their immense contributions.

Distinguished Visitors, Gentlemen of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you, God bless and safe journey.

Long live Grassroot Empowerment Program!

Long live Kaduna State!!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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