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United In Africa, But Culturally Diverse In Outlook. Here’s How Access Bank Showcased It’s Diversity On Mother’s Day

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May 16, 2023






Access Bank (The Gambia) image on Twitter.

By Greg Abolo

Access Bank Plc’s total assets are worth $28.8 billion, enabling it to assume the enviable position of being Africa’s largest bank by customer base. It has 42 million customers at over 600 branches in Nigeria, The Gambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Zambia, UK, Kenya, Mozambique, Burundi, South Africa, DR Congo and Ghana.

The bank seems set to train it’s eyes on the global financial pedestal, and a ‘thank you’ note caught our eyes from a Zambian employee to her former boss who happened to also be one of her trainers. Trained her, (as well as others) from a green horn entry level banker just fresh out of school, to eventually becoming a Chief Operations Officer in a Zambian bank.

“Hello Sir”, she wrote:

“Hope you and yours are well.

I just want to say a BIG Thank you for having believed in me and seeing my potential 11 years ago when no one else did. As of today I am now COO, of xxxx Bank, Zambia.

May God continue using you for His glory as you positively impact lives in Jesus name.


Such a wonderful letter from Zambia to Nigeria, showcasing the oneness of Africa and the impact Nigeria is making for the benefit of the continent’s growth.

We thus took a tour of Access Bank in different African countries to see if their command is one, or perhaps diverse but independent from one nation to the other.

We chose Mother’s Day that was celebrated on May 14, 2023 to see the outlook from one country to the other.

First, Access Bank (Ghana) Plc
“May 14
Today, we celebrate the women who gave us the gift of life, unconditional love and support.
We love you and appreciate the sacrifices you made to shape our future.

Happy Mother’s Day to you SHERO!”


Then in Rwanda. Here’s Access Bank (Rwanda) PLC
“May 14
Join us in celebrating Mother’s Day, as we reflect on the enduring love and selflessness of the women who brought us into this world. Let’s honor them by inspiring each other to do good, and showing our heartfelt appreciation for all they’ve done. Happy Mother’s Day.


Habari gani, Kenya !

Access Bank (Kenya) PLC
“May 14
Motherhood takes dedication, sacrifices beyond measure and a golden heart.

To everyone playing that role,to those aspiring and to those trying, we celebrate you.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Welcome, Access Bank Zambia Limited
“May 14
Happy Mother’s Day to the caring, resilient, brilliant and beautiful women we call Mother.

Whether you are a birth or adoptive mother, or a mother figure, you are cherished and loved.

May this special day remind you that you are amazing, appreciated and beautiful!


May 14
To all those who mum, and to all the remarkable mothers unflinchingly burning their candles to make this world a better place – we celebrate you today. So take time out, relax, and have fun, you.

Yes, you !

Beautiful messages all round. Not one copying the other. Even though they are the same bank. Same logo, same colour but diverse, from one country to the other.

Some of them send messages out in their native languages.

Kudos to Access Bank for joining other Banks in taking their brand to the African financial table and here’s hoping that one day, they would rule in the global financial world.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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