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Voices And Verdict On The Anambra Election Debate On Channels TV

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Osita Chidoka (middle in red cap) acquitted himself excellently in the debate, Sunday evening, 11/11/2017.

“The debate was good, really good. I was impressed with the performances of all the candidates, everybody virtually tried their best.
But the distinctive aspect of the forthcoming election is to send a message to the center that Igbos are not cowards. That igbos are too vital for Nigeria to be neglected or relegated.

When that time came, the other candidates sought for cover citing unemployment as the reason for the agitations in the east.
Unlike the brave Osita Chidoka. He didn’t betray his people, rather he took it to the oppressors telling them ‘we are not a hungry people or rather unemployed people but that injustice meted out on the Igbo man has caused him to come to the open to seek for his rights and equity’.

This election will define the future of the Igbo man so I urge us ‘do not vote cowards who will shiver in front of our “oppressor” ‘….

~ Arinze Uzoagu

“This Osita Chidoka man is just too good to preside over any state in this criminally structured entity called Nigeria.

That guy should be serving, not as a governor but as a President of a civilized country somewhere very far removed from the savagery of the numberless savages savaging this Lugard Cage masquerading as a country.

Nigeria is too primitive for some people. Osita Chidoka is one of such people.

Obaze was busy going all confrontational against Obiano who himself was busy speaking from both sides of his mouth.
Tony Nwoye was simply being his normal thuggish self. No big deal. Aboki na Aboki even if you carry am go heaven. Like Buhari like Nwoye.
Those are the Abanidiegwus who want Charles Ogbu to go stand in the sun and legitimize their political kparakpoism by voting for them.


Under a different setting and holding all other factors constant, I would kill to make Osita Chidoka my governor. And if debate, class, finesse and discipline alone could win election, I’d say he’s governor already.

It grieves me that I simply can’t under the circumstance.

A shame! Isn’t it?

~Charles Ogbu

Donu Kogbara is one of the few public commentators with strong convictions. Unlike many, she does not sway with the wind nor does her intellectual leanings respond to financial or positional stimuli.

Donu used her column, “Sweet and Sour”, Vanguard newspaper to offer her unreserved endorsement of Osita Chidoka for governor of Anambra State .

Below is an excerpt referring to Chidoka’s performance on BBC’s “Hard Talk”:

“Faced with aggressive question about problems of Boko Haram, Chidoka was calm, firm and persuasive. I was pro-APC at the time but was so impressed by Chidoka’s performance that I wholeheartedly praised him on this page. And when I bumped into him a few weeks later, after his then party the PDP had lost the elections, I told him that I hoped that when Igbos eventually get a chance to produce a President of Nigeria, he would pitch for the top job and win. He thanked me quietly.

Now I’m praying that he will get a chance to run his own state because I think he”ll be a dynamic Chief Executive of Anambra State .”

Below is the full text of the column:



THURSDAY 9th November 2017


The other day, an article titled “WHY I STAND WITH OSITA CHIDOKA (AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO)” popped into my inbox. It had been written by my friend, Patrick Okigbo III (, who has enthusiastically thrown himself into Chidoka’s gubernatorial election campaign in Anambra.

I have so much respect for Patrick, a very competent and discerning power sector expert, that I’d seriously consider supporting anyone he recommends.

But I don’t have to think about taking Patrick’s word for it on this occasion because I’ve been a Chidoka fan for some time myself for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I’ve briefly encountered him and his wife at events in Abuja; and I just like their vibe. They’re a fine young couple. Modest, charming and smart.

Secondly, I clearly recall how well Chidoka, then the Minister of Aviation, handled a tough Hard Talk interview on BBC TV…on the eve of the 2015 polls and at a time when the PDP government he served (Jonathan’s) was under tremendous pressure.

Faced with aggressive questions about problems like Boko Haram, Chidoka was calm, firm and persuasive. I was pro-APC at the time but was so impressed by Chidoka’s performance that I wholeheartedly praised him on this page.

And when I bumped into him a few weeks later, after his party had lost the election, I told him that I hoped that when Igbos eventually got a chance to produce a President of Nigeria, he would pitch for the top job and win.

He thanked me quietly.

Now I’m praying that he will get a chance to run his own state because I think he’ll be a dynamic Chief Executive of Anambra. And I’ll leave it up to Patrick to explain why we are standing with Osita Chidoka and want others to join us:

I met Osita in 2012 when he invited my firm to document his tenure at the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). With unfettered access, we chronicled 44 initiatives under his 5 strategic themes of transformation:
Institutional Framework (3)
High Performance Organisation (3)
Operational Excellence (20)
Enabling Technology (11)
Stakeholder Partnerships (6)

By 2012, these initiatives had resulted in the significant reduction in deaths per 10,000 vehicles from 156 (in 1988) to 41; and the World Bank had adopted FRSC as a model for establishing similar road safety organisations across Africa.

Awed by his remarkable reform of FRSC from a staid government agency to a high performance, merit-driven, knowledge-based organisation that leveraged technology to drive operational excellence, I saw Anambra’s immense potential being unleashed by Chidoka and I actively lobbied him to take on the role.

In the last 2 years (since he decided to get in the race), Osita has built a formidable ground game with over 20,000 passionate campaign staff across the 4,608 polling units in the state. The campaign has a 50-seat Call Centre from where volunteers make calls to registered voters across the state. I am not aware of any other candidate in the race who has a legion of teams that are organised, passionate or committed to the cause. Ndi Anambra are tired of the politics of old. They desire the values that Chidoka represents. They are committed to his victory at the November 18, 2017 elections.

Here are some of the reasons why I (and volunteers) Stand with Osita Chidoka.

The 2017 gubernatorial elections in Anambra is a referendum on the future. It is a choice between a great leap forward and the ordinary. Anyi bu Ndi Anambra; anyi na-eme ife sili ike (We are from Anambra and we do big and difficult things). With nothing, we create monuments. Since when did we start celebrating the ordinary? A government that only constructs roads and pays salaries is doing the barest minimum. Period! Ndi Anambra deserve so much more. Osita has proven that he can do more.

We need an intelligent and fearless leader, now, more than ever before. For decades, we have sought a leader who is committed to selflessly project and protect the interest of Ndi Anambra. Chidoka understands this urgency. He understands the need to restore the voice of Ndigbo in Nigeria today and secure our rightful place in building the nation.

Ndi Anambra need a leader who can redirect our collective energies to productive engagements rather than primordial sentiments that divide us. Chidoka has pragmatic ideas to re-ignite the spirit of Ndi Anambra and build the state into an enterprise, knowledge, and technology hub for West Africa. Chidoka has spent the last 3 years actively debating various ideas on how to transform Anambra into an economically self-sufficient and wealth-creating state that leads in innovation, good governance and infrastructural development. He is committed to a visionary and transparent community-based government driven only by the genuine aspirations of Ndi Anambra. I have been part of these discussions and I am inspired by the possibilities.

The Government House in Awka is not a “training school”. Rather, it should be a platform from where people with proven and verifiable professional and personal successes implement well-considered solutions to improve the lives of Ndi Anambra. Osita comes fully prepared with academic excellence, and stellar careers in the private and public sectors. He has spent time thinking and providing solutions to the similar development challenges in the state. He has built a pan-Nigerian and international network of partners that will partner with his administration to implement his development agenda for Anambra.

We need a governor who wants to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of Ndi Anambra. We need a governor who wants to follow in the footsteps of Sam Mbakwe and Michael Okpara. We need a leader who understands that history will judge him and his generation for his actions or inactions. We want a governor “nwelu ifele” who, guided by a strong sense of history, will strive to deliver a legacy that improves the lot of Ndi Anambra.

6. NO TO GODFATHERISM: The future of Anambra should not be mortgaged to political entrepreneurs who hijack the state coffers. Chidoka has refused to sell Anambra to any “godfathers”. Rather, he has put his fate in the hands of God and Ndi Anambra. This is the integrity we need in Anambra. With Chidoka, we will put an end to “godfather-politics” and its implications on ordinary Ndi Anambra. He is beholden to no one but to the will of the collective.

~ Chukwuemeka Valentine Uchedili

“We’ll be making a very important decision on Saturday, November 18, 2017 in my state, and I have this submission to make:

Obiano is a calamity that should be avoided.
Tony Nwoye will be a repeat of 2015 mistake.
Chidoka and Obaze are manageable candidates.
My vote can go to either Chidoka or Obaze based on my rating.

Willie Obiano is taking Anambra state into deeper recession through reckless spending and unnecessary borrowing. Nobody survives with such lifestyle in the long run let alone an institution like a state.
When a candidate starts campaigning with paying workers salaries, you begin to wonder whether our politicians reason like normal humans at all. Obiano’s predecessors- Obi and Ngige paid salaries, so there’s no big deal in paying salaries of workers as at when due in Anambra State.

~ Tochukwu Asiegbu


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