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‘Your Car For A Bridge’: Meet Councillor Miracle Tyna Who Swapped Her Vehicle Loan To Meet A Need For Her People

The Oasis Reporters

January 14, 2022

By Greg Abolo








Newly constructed bridge, Hon. Onem Miracle Tyna



Bridge, under construction for a community that had never seen one.


Completed project, on time and in use…courtesy of Hon. Onem Miracle


Bridge that the people had to struggle with before the miracle of Onem Tyna.

Ask the people of Ogbia (President Jonathan’s local area) in Bayelsa State what they think now of the honourable councillor they chose, they’d break into a song of praise in the inimitable Ijaw way of expressing delight through music and dance.

One of the perks of being just a council man or woman in Nigeria, a potentially rich but poverty stricken country where senators earn more than the US or Canadian President is to have a sleek and impressive car.

When pretty and young Onem Miracle Tyna – (Tynarated) was overwhelmingly chosen as Councillor to represent Ogbia Ward 2, then made Deputy Majority Leader by her colleagues, a few thoughts took hold of her, to render selfless service, and be a voice for women and the girl child.

Miracle was offered a car. Yet her riverine community had a rickety wooden bridge that the elderly could hardly cross by foot, unaided.

She called in a civil engineering firm and asked for a quotation to construct a bridge for her people. Since it was her paying for the job, she got the right quotation without the bloated “contract variation, mobilization fee, hardship allowance” etc and often kickbacks that dot government contracts.

By the time Miracle looked at the figures for iron rods, cement, planks etc to make the bridge, it turned out to be equivalent to the cost of her new car allowance.

She traded the car without difficulty, and built a bridge for the benefit of her people. She has thus made such lasting impact, that her little used Twitter handle immediately had 365 Following and 648 Followers.



Nigerians reeling from the debilitating Infrastructure deficit that is affecting that country, gathered at her Twitter gate to fund her for the purpose of building more infrastructure, and she jocularly added,

After due consultations from well-meaning Nigerians home and abroad. I want to formally DECLINE the offer to raise a GoFundMe or any form of CrowdFunding for any purpose whatsoever.

I appreciate every effort so far, but this decision is necessary and does not need to make anyone feel bad.

While my focus is on making lasting impact within the little at my disposal, I know and I believe without doubt that H.E Senator Douye Diri ( governor of Bayelsa state) will support me to do more for the people.

Let’s all stay focused on being true servants to the people.

Thank you Nigerians for your commendations. I am motivated to make more impact, God willing.

Thank you @govdouyediri for the opportunity to serve”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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