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Avengers Ask Fighters To Hit The ‘Enemy’ Hard, Say Nigerian Govt Is Tone Deaf

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January 10, 2017

Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, a militant group has posted a message, directing it’s fighters to prepare to go hard on the “enemy”, claiming that the Nigerian government is insincere about dialogue.

The group, which had claimed responsibility for destructions of oil facilities in the Niger Delta last year, later declared a ceasefire after their attacks cut Nigeria’s oil production, which stood at 2.1 million barrels per day at the start of 2016, by more than a third in June 2016.

Chief Edwin Clark, a Pan – Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, leader and former Information Minister had warned the federal government that militant groups in the region might return to the creeks and resume hostilities if the federal government continues dragging it’s feet on the issue of dialogue with the agitators.

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has already increased allocation for the Presidential Amnesty Programme from N20 billion to N65 billion in the 2017 budget.

A statement published on the NDA website and signed by its spokesperson, ‘Brig.Gen’ Mudoch Agbinibo reads in full…

The High Command of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), felicitate with all fighters and commands for job well done in 2016 and welcome us all to the year 2017! We earnestly praise the people of the Niger Delta for your prayers and support to the liberation movement. We thank the local and international press community for telling our story.

As we get prepared for the challenges ahead 2017, We make bold to tell the people of our Niger Delta, sane minds in Nigeria and the comity of nations that the remaining 11 months and couples of weeks in 2017 will be filled with surprises and a reconfiguration of the struggle for the liberation of our motherland.

Since, the declaration of cessation of hostilities in the region by all fighters and affiliates, it has been evidently clear that the Nigerian state is not ready for any form of dialogue and negotiation with our people to addressing the issues sustaining the unending sufferings and deprivation of the people of the Niger Delta. The world is aware that, after listening to calls from our Royal Fathers, Community Leaders, Stakeholders and members of the comity of nations especially the governments of the United States of America, Great Britain and the European Union, we halted all actions.

This prospect for hope for a genuine dialogue and negotiations have been dashed and rejected. The world knows that PANDEF as team of critical stakeholders was mandated to engender a genuine dialogue and negotiations process that will be made of apolitical committed Niger Deltans to engage with the government and people of Nigeria, representatives of the International Oil Corporations and neutral observers. But this government decide(s)d to go around to politicising and blackmailing the process to forestall any genuine dialogue and negotiations.

The world should be assured that, our next line of actio(s)n to redeem Operations Red Economy will be unannounced with surely overwhelming signatures to this government and humanity. The world is aware that, the government of Nigeria has ear problems but we never knew that it has taken a detoriating (deteriorating) deaf level dimensions. It is only through hard knocks we can speak to the Nigerian government henceforth.

It is our believe(s) that, the 2017 national budget of the federal republic of Nigeria is not based on the crude oil production output from the Niger Delta but it is based on the newly found oil deposits in the North and the new pipelines construction from the Niger Republic. It is also worthy to inform the IOCS and their partners that have been awarded the 2017/2018 crude oil term contracts by the Nigerian state as listed below


1. Sonara Refinery

2. Hindustan Refinery

3. Cepsa Refinery

4. Bharat Retroleum

5. Varo Energy


1. Trafigura

2. ENOC Trading

3. BP Trading

4. Total Trading

5. UCL Petrol Energy

6. Mocho

7. Tevier Petroleum

8. Heritage Oil

9. Levene Energy

10. Glencore

11. Litasco Supply and Trading

Government to Government (G to G)

1. India (Indian Oil Company)

2. China ( Sinopec)

3. South Africa ( Saccoil)


1. Oando

2. Sahara Energy

3. MRS Oil and Gas

4. A.A Rano

5. Bono

6. Masters Energy

7. Etarna Oil and Gas

8. Cassiva Energy

9. Hyde Energy

10. Britania U

11. Northwest Petroleum

12. Optima Energy

13. AMG Petroenergy

14. Arkleen Oil & Gas Ltd

15. Shoreline Limited

16. Emo Oil

17. Setana Energy

18. Prudent Energy


1. Duke Oil Limited

2. Carlson Hyson

That their contract at a time when the Nigerian State has turn(ed) deaf ears to the Niger Delta Agitation is seen as a conspiracy against our people that will fail. These contracts will make or mar(e) the destinies of your companies in our Niger Delta.

To our Niger Delta people, we feel your pains from these dashed hopes of a genuine talk once again. All fighters and commands are hereby placed on high readiness in your webs of operations to hit and knock the enemy very hard. That is the way to discuss with a deaf, when he cannot understand your soft massage. We are determined to hit him very hard and deadly that even his eyes will shed blood, his ear will be more deafened and his heart shall quake; when he sees, hear and feel the outcome of our next activities.

On this note, we are declaring “Operations Walls of Jericho and Hurricane Joshua” simultaneously to reclaim our motherland and dislodge all cleavages the Nigerian Ruling oligarchy has foisted on the region that is sustaining the ongoing primitive accumulation by dispossession.

Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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