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Covid-19 Vaccine Hunt: Sanofi’s Priority Consideration For The US, Gets French Backlash

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May 17, 2020

Worried sick about the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the US government threw it’s net wide, looking for the global list of first rate biomedical companies. Then it threw largesse here and there in dollars. It wanted one thing: A vaccine to counter the emerging killer pandemic. One of the companies it saw and targeted was Sanofi, a French company that was receiving tax breaks from it’s home government.

The huge financial war chest that went to Sanofi was so vast that the management of the company declared privately that when their vaccines begin to emerge from the laboratory, America would get first consideration in shipments.

Paul Hudson, Chief Executive of Sanofi.

Later on, European leaders put the issue of vaccine search on the front burner. The numbers dying where unprecedented in France, Italy, UK, Germany etc. The leaders made grand speeches, then threw in cash. Before the money could be counted, 7.4 billion Euros had been pledged for Coronavirus vaccine.

French president, Emmanuel Macron declared that the property would be for everyone, but inventors would be adequately compensated. Macron pledged 500 million Euros. UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, who himself went through difficult times treating his own Coronavirus infection said he wanted an “impregnable shield round people and that can only be achieved by mass producing a vaccine”. His State is not an EU State. Norway too, a non EU State equally made it’s pledge.

French President, Emmanuel Macron:’Vaccine belongs to all’

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel pledged 525 million euros. Spanish Prime Minister, Sanchez, pledged 125 million.

Private citizens too like pop star, Madonna chipped in one million dollars of her own cash. So touching. World Health Organization, WHO Chief, Tedros was so touched that his speech got emotional.

At the time, US president Donald Trump largely ignored the EU meeting and their pledges. As far as he was concerned, the WHO was pandering to China.

Meanwhile European nations recognized that the first phase of the pandemic is over. “But there’s a long fight ahead of us”, they acknowledged.

When Sanofi chief executive, Paul Hudson, later spoke that the first phase of shipments of the vaccine would be headed to the US, he got the French president upset. Sanofi was subtly reminded about the tax breaks and priority attention.

The biotechnology company has indeed made credible progress in the search for a vaccine. Hints of human tests have been given.

Sanofi has backed down, and the vaccine might be available for all from the start.


Written by Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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