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‘Demilitarize The Niger Delta And Restructure The Country’ – Ijaw Youth Council Demands From FG

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Sunday, November 12th, 2017.

The consistent, persistent and quick deployment of fighter jets, military equipment and soldiers to the hitherto peaceful environment of the Niger delta Region has drawn the ire of the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide who now demand that the Federal Government of Nigeria should desist from those unhelpful schemes.

“Whenever there are concerns as to better living conditions , good infrastructure, human capital development, oppression and the total embezzlement of the rich mineral deposit in the region.
This is evident in the consistent use of paradoxical words like Operation Crocodile Smile I and Operation Crocodile Smile II; Python dance I and Python dance II”, they noted in a press release that was issued today.

“It is evident that the present Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has not come to terms with the fact that military solutions and show of might has in no way contributed to lasting peace and tranquility in the Niger Delta region and its environs.

The deployment of fighter jets to Gbaramatu Kingdom and other parts of the Niger Delta Region may only result in the proverbial statement “actions and re-actions” which has always been the order of the day and has led to the renewed agitations of the Niger Delta Avengers; instead of a proactive and concerted consultations with the people of the region”, the IYC statement continued, and they “therefore call on the Federal Government to quickly put in motion steps to restructure the country in line with the tenets of true fiscal Federalism where states or component states can control and manage their own resources and pay royalties to the center.

“States need to develop at their own pace for peaceful co-existence and not to stifle their productivity; thus turning them into no better than street beggar states that are even incapable of paying salaries talk less of development.

“It must be stated that issues as to the Maritime University Okerenkoko, East-West Road completion, Modular Refineries, Ogoni Clean-up, Relocation of International Oil Companies (IOC’s) and the like; are all palliatives and does not address the root concerns of our agitations; which is the control and management of our resources (TRUE FEDERALISM).

“Finally, we wish to commend the Southern Governors Forum for throwing their weight behind the issue of devolution of powers and true federalism which gives control of resources to states. We encourage them to mobilize all their representation in the National Assembly to do the same”, the statement concluded.

Signed for gthe Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) worldwide:
Barr. Henry Iyalla
Spokesman, IYC.


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