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Kwara’s ‘Otoge’ Challenge, Mismanaged Revolution, Saraki’s Homecoming And The Arrival Of Obidients To Ilorin Saga

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September 26, 2022






Peter Obi’s Labour Party Supporters in Kwara State demand the entrenchment of good governance, rally in State capital, Ilorin.




While Kwarans marched in their rally for Peter Obi, a similar one was ongoing in Nigeria’s federal capital city of Abuja.

By Greg Abolo

By the time a keen political analyst sits down to ponder over what really goes on in the mind of Dr. Bukola Saraki, such an analyst must go through a tweet that the smiling doctor and former governor of Kwara State did not author.

But he enthusiastically retweeted it, hoping for a robust engagement.



The man is worried about poverty, nepotism, corruption, injustice and so forth. He best knows what level of anger these vices can evoke in a people, and what the outcomes can engender for a Kingdom whose only shining spot can be power and the dishing out of largesse to the faithful, which may make the rule of his dynasty slightly peaceful.

From his father, the Oloye, Dr. Olusola Saraki who believed in patronage and transactional politics that helped to install his son as Governor for two terms that were largely lackluster ( because his home state of Kwara has so much expansive land, fertile lush green one at that).

The type that would make agricultural powerhouses like California, a state that has used agribusiness to emerge as the fifth largest economy in the world and Israel whose land size is less than half of Edo and Delta states combined together, green with envy.

Everything grows in Kwara state, yet the state remains poor, eternally depending on Federal allocation to pay basic salaries with little or nothing left to provide infrastructure with.




Not knowing what to do, Bukola Saraki decided to invite Boers of South Africa whose cows produce an average of five litres of milk per day. Fulani cows in Nigeria number over 30 million with over 20 million shepherds and workers. Yet one Fulani Cow can only produce one litre of milk per day.

So Bukola Saraki brings in the Boers to do the magic that he has no knowledge of doing.

Someone asked him then about the reputation of the Boers who introduced apartheid into South Africa.
All he had to say was, how many farmers are there in Tsonga farms? “They can’t overwhelm us”, he quipped. Then, he went to sleep.


Over twenty years later, go to Ilorin and look for tinned milk produced in the Boer farms.
They’d likely be none. But the story would be long.

At a point, something snapped in the consciousness of Kwara people and they went the revolutionary way by throwing out the Saraki dynasty from power in what they called, Otó ogé, which means, “It is enough”.

Then one of the coalitions that birthed the movement, ‘Kwara Must Change‘ even vowed that ” the era of producing “I support” kind of legislators was over in Kwara” and also that aspiring lawmakers must be prepared to respond to tough questions.

A leading Pro-democracy group, Kwara Must Change and producer of Legislative Watch research project then called on the people of Kwara State, the political groups, civil society organizations as well as the media to scrutinize aspiring lawmakers more, so as to check their readiness for office and improve public understanding of their responsibility.

According to Yusuf, ineffective legislative execution of its mandate is largely responsible for the rot in the civil service, which is the implementation arm of government businesses and to arrest the ugly trend, we must scrutinize those aspiring to constitute the legislative arm of government and prepare them for the task of proper representation.

“The business of representation must be seen beyond the sharing and allocation of material resources, to safeguarding public psychology through creating healthy environment for human growth and development”

Kwara Must Change concluded by charging aspiring lawmakers to be prepared to respond to tough questions from the public, because the office they seek to occupy is the most important office in a democracy.

The coordinator of Kwara Must Change, Comrade Yusuf Olatunji even made grand statements like “the legislative arm of government is the heart of democracy and by extension being the heart of governance and those that will occupy this important arm of government must be individuals with required ability to be visionary(seeing beyond the immediate circumstances), critical (probe processes and compliance to laid down rules and regulations) and utilization of government authorities in the course of carrying out government businesses, especially within Ministries, Departments and Agencies”.


Yet, the grand concept of change fizzled out, when the leaders of the revolution diverted into the stuff of stoning Christian Missionary Schools established by Churches for not permitting hijab wearing by Muslim girls. Worse still, government took over the legacy Christian schools and employed mostly Muslim teachers. Such that former Christian schools now look like Muslim schools. It doesn’t matter that their governors are mainly Muslims in that state. Like Bukola Saraki or Abdulrazak, yet they marry Christian wives, as proof that they believe in religious diversity.

Well, the revolution has fizzled out. Poverty is still like an open sore in Kwara. The place remains grossly underdeveloped, basically rustic and patently rural.





So, Bukola watches from afar, and comes home for Sallah!

He comes back to a home that found a way to throw him out of the Senate.

They did throw him out. But the master political strategist retreated, plotted and managed to make a revolution look like kiddy play. So Kwara made the entry of Bukola Saraki seem like stale air looking suddenly like manageable breath.


Then he goes on vacation, about one month after.



He explains his seeming silence.


But something has happened. Kwarans are still angry and they are feeling shortchanged. They all read and saw what Peter Obi did in Anambra by taking a state from deficit to surplus in eight short years. They even read or know about the cash Peter Obi left in government coffers for his successor in government without collecting pension.

Unlike Kwara’s governors from Bukola Saraki till date  who could not balance the books that are in red.


Thus, when Peter Obi’s message of Consumption to Production seeped into Ilorin, the “Obidiency” in the people hungry for development rose and rallied on the streets, shouting “Obi lo kan“. It is time for Obi to be Nigeria’s President.

It has happened in Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ekiti, Osogbo, Ondo, Ibadan, Akure, Abuja, Jalingo, Oturkpo, Makurdi, Jos etc. Now, it is the turn of Ilorin.

Written by Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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