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North Nigeria: VOA’s, Saleh Ashaka Tweets On The Hunger He Has Seen, Before Breaking The Fast

The Oasis Reporters

May 10, 2021

Local folks fleeing from bandits in the north…walking many miles

By Greg Abolo


Intrepid Voice of America journalist, Northern Nigerian born Saleh Shehu Ashaka tweeted on an often seen paradox of a region with so much vast land yet its children beg strangers for food to eat on a daily basis. When the children grow up, many of them live on the land with a lackadaisical attitude to convert the fertile land to an abundance of food.


“Have you ever imagined that a fasting person would have to walk many miles every day, including his wife and children, to get a box of food to break his fast? I see this scene every day”.

Northern Nigeria is a region rife with incongruities, so much and intolerance to people of other faiths or those that look different from their thought processes.

They often seem lethargic to improve on what they see. With ease of sinking boreholes in one of the world’s richest aqua tables to get water and irrigate their land, some of the people prefer to use AK47 rifles to displace those on well maintained lands for them to take over.

Yet they are loath to allow others rent their land and make it better.

Banditry is worse in the North, and violent clashes seem a pastime.

Education has taken a back bench. School children are often targeted in “kidnap for ransom” transactions, making the region possibly one of the worst places on earth for a child to grow up in.

When will salvation come for the northern narrative to change and make the region an oasis of freedom, liberty, tolerance, investments and growth?
The world waits for Arewa.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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