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Wike’s Clowning Ways To The PDP Presidential Ticket, See The Minority Northerner With him And Ask Why

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April 26, 2022


By Greg Abolo



Looking ahead towards Aso Rock, Wike (right) and Dankwanbo (left) have matured in their friendship and understanding since 2018, after the PDP Port Harcourt Convention where Dankwanbo also threw in his bid for the presidential ticket.
Wike had future plans for him, so he pulled his support out and gave it to Atiku Abubakar.
Dankwanbo is now much more matured and seems the time is ripe to draw him up for the contest at the top.

Ever since Barrister Nyesom Ezenwo Wike declared for the presidency under his one and only party since the third republic, he has plotted his graph with clinical accuracy and it would take only a sagacious political analyst to discern his flight path.




Wike’s major theme of Development and Security is etching deep into the subconscious of the easily ignored, used and neglected patches of Nigeria.

Not surprisingly, in a free and fair election, those patches hold the giant ace.


Benue State is Nigeria’s food basket that is under the unrelenting torment of Fulani militia who seem to have vowed to maintain grazing rights in the midst of the crops of farmers. Killings have remained unbridled in that region while Fulani militia brazenly air videos of their killing destructiveness there on social media.


Nyesom Wike wants to find a solution to the problem. Thus, Benue State Governor finds relieving joy, joining Wike in his campaign stomps.

At the Obi Of Onitsha Palace:



In Jalingo, capital city of Taraba State, another farming state that is desirous of a peaceful atmosphere for the people to access their farms :

Take a closer look at the smiling faces. Former governor of Gombe state, Dr. Hassan Dankwanbo is there with Wike, just as he was with Wike in Onitsha. As a matter of fact, he’s always with Wike on the campaign stops.

Taking Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwanbo into the lair and up close to the Fulani ruling cadre. Wike pulled this one off.

To understand the ingenuity in this bold move, see it under the umbrella of minority tribesmen and women that are easily trampled upon politically. The symbol of the oppression they see is the Fulani ruling class, either right or wrong.

Take the case of the assumed Northern PDP Quartet unsmilingly trying hard to coax the South out of their determination to take a shot at the presidency in the spirit of rotation as enshrined in the party Constitution that speaks about zoning.

Of the four politicians on the junket, two (Tambuwal and Mohammed) are serving governors. One (Saraki) is an ex governor while the fourth one (Shamsuddeen) was a largely owned Government bank Managing Director back then. What they have in common is that they are all Fulani who subconsciously believe in the erroneous belief of a Divine right to rule Nigeria, since 1804.

There’s an ex governor too in the north east. Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwanbo. They did not invite him to join the quartet. And the cerebral man is non Fulani. He’s a minority tribesman from the Gombe/Bauchi axis.

Quiet people they are but with deep thoughts and not enough love swirls around them in their inter tribal and inter religious relationships in the north east.

Wike has had four years to read the north like a big book, so he’s playing deft politics of winning flight paths.

Wike was once a local government chairman, thus an expert at grassroots mobilization. In Kano, he proves his mettle as a man of the people. And Kano’s got mass. Critical voting mass. The city is Hausa.


Nyesom Wike knows a huge lot about infrastructure in the life of a nation, hungry for development.


He’s spreading his core themes nation wide. He said he’s in the race to win, not to play second fiddle to any other.

The nation watches with interest.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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