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Pentecostals Join Oyedepo’s Winner’s Chapel To Fast, Pray Over Nigeria’s Security Challenges


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July 26, 2018

Bishop David Oyedepo.

Roll call include Enenche’s Dunamis, Ibiyeomie’s Salvation Ministries and other Pentecostals.

Many Pentecostal churches have keyed into Bishop David Oyedepo’s instructions to his church members worldwide to fast and pray over the Insecurity facing Nigeria as suspected herdsmen militia continue their killing spree of northern Nigerian indigenous Christian as well as animist population to cleanse them off their aboriginal lands for the occupation of Fulani herdsmen from across West Africa as their new territory for Cattle grazing.

Winners Chapel branches Worldwide usually hook up by satellite to Canaanland, the headquarter Church for Shiloh services annually to hear the Bishop deliver his message and order prayers.

Bishop Oyedepo has called on the Nigerian President to resign. This is possibly as a result of his inability to stop the ongoing killings of people who are mainly non Fulani speaking.
Speaking in the Sunday services at Canaanland on Sunday, the founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide , Bishop David Oyedepo asked Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari to resign and get out of office in view of wanton killings and insecurity across the country.

Oyedepo, while preaching decried the massive killings in the country, especially in the north.

He advised the president to resign or get out of office as he had no solution on how to curb the orgies of violence rampaging the nation.

According to him, the nation was getting destroyed under the watchful eyes of Buhari, which he said informed the decision of the church to hold seven days fasting for the nation.

Oyedepo added that even some northern Muslims no longer wanted Buhari in power, saying that he should go and leave the system.

The faith and prosperity preacher lamented that herdsmen were killing and taking people’s land across the country and that Buhari was not doing anything about it.

Speaking yesterday, he said ‘The 7 days of prayer and fasting is a rescue mission.
Let’s stay awake to this, this is not theoretical. I cried this in 2015, most people never cared to listen. We are face to face with an impending holocaust. The sons of wickedness have predetermined evil against this nation, to kill, to maim and to overrun the nation by their sinister Fulani colonies across the nation. I’ve cried this before. Now we would move the cry forward to the prayer altar and transfer the battle to God….because what we do in prayer and fasting is transferring our battles to God. After they prayed and fasted in the days of Jehoshaphat, He said ‘leave me alone, watch, I’ll make you a spectator in your own battle. Watch I’ll take over the battle. You won’t need to shoot an arrow here. I’ll take over..and He did.

Nigeria shall not suffer blood flow. War will return to the homes of the perpetrators of war and will be limited there. It will be limited to their homes, households. That’s why we are praying. He will hear us and He will heal this land. Everyone that won’t let Nigeria rest, God will lay them to rest. Anyone that won’t want our children to have a future in our homeland, God will lay them to rest. We are not the only people praying, there are various denominations that are hooking up to these prayers, leadership has been meeting over time to see how we spiritually rout the devil.

Will God ever lose a battle? When I was speaking in 2015, they thought ‘your own is too much, your own is too much, are you the only one? Now they can see it.
What has moved forward in anybody’s life?
You don’t know it’s war? Why is it only Christian communities that are being attacked? Why has nobody been arrested? The authorities and the power that be behind them (I am the one that said so). I’m telling you as a prophet and in the name of Jesus, as long as Jesus lives, every evil being planned by any group of people, anybody in authority, security or no security, wherever you are, will fall on their head.
What is your own? 1 out of 120 people that live in this country belong to this commission. Join us in this prayer lest you become a victim. You turn your side in the night, release a curse on the sons of wickedness.

They say I’m always cursing. I’m like my Father. Whosoever curses you’, he said, I will curse and He is the Holy God. You don’t curse the enemy, he will curse you. You keep quiet when he curses you, He will have his way. Goliath cursed David by his gods. I will never be partisan, Jesus got me out of it-1984. Some of the people making noise now were not born then….but I would not be alive to see the nonsense, massacre by agents of the devil. Let’s stop the way against them.
Nigeria shall be rescued.

Continuing in the second service, the Pastor over 1.5 million Nigerians said ‘There are prophets in the land that will never go into the cave.
Responding to the issue of land, he said ‘You don’t sell anything by force’. My life or my land? Are you a robber?
Your homeland is the burying place of your forefathers. (If you sell it) your history is wiped off.
He insisted-we didn’t borrow this land and Nigeria will never be a Fulani Republic.
No government has power to take land and give it to another and on the other side, it is impossible (to take their own land).
The President should resign if he cannot handle the situation.
Even our Islamic friends are asking him to resign’ he said in reference to the earlier message to the President by Sheikh Gumi.
We are not the only Church involved, quite a number of vibrant Christian Churches will be praying the same thing.
We will be raining curses this week on anyone who won’t let Nigeria go forward’ Bishop Oyedepo concluded.

The fasting and prayer session is billed to be concluded on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Additional Reporting By Kazeem Ugbodaga

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